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Club Morocco

These events took place during prohibition, World War II, and the time after the war was won, during the ’40s and ’50s. The immigrants and first- and second-generation Americans were closely loved family members who always had one another’s back while striving to reach their dreams of security and wealth.

It’s a story of a young family member who experienced most of what happened, good and bad, in life at a young age. Each individual is based upon a person that lived, to a degree, more or less, through the events as they happened. Dishonest, self-serving government people and how they used their authority to cheat and lie at the expense of anyone in their way, especially the immigrants, give reason for actions taken that were felt to be necessary even though gruesome. This story will appeal to all immigrants, but especially, to Sicilian Italians, and their extended families.

Giovanni, be well.

John Michele's first novel reads like a classic film noir, crackling dialogue wrapped around a Sicilian immigrant family's story. "Club Morocco" would make a great film. I hope there are future stories from Mr. Michele following this family's immigrant journey.

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Loved reading about the unconditional bonds of family during a time in history that created “the greatest generation.”

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Really enjoyed this book! Its a unique perspective and a nice quick read! Hoping John Michele authors more!!

William P.

I thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining story. So much so, I hated for the story to end, and am hopeful that the author John Michele, will be writing a sequel. Great quick read!

Carol R.


It is written that all is fair in love and war. Politics is war. That came home to John Verra, at first, slowly, then in one inhuman act of violence... "The lust for power in political minds is the strongest passion in life and it impels ambitious men to do deeds of infamy" (William Shakespeare).

Verra believes promises made are promises meant to be kept. His beliefs, to many in his new world, are naive, gullible, and no way to live, especially if one is to survive in a big metropolitan city, where lots of money is to be made involving legal and illegal manipulation. Their primary need is forever present: to remain in power, to control voters, to use them, especially the poor.

His past and his own promises continue to occupy not just his mind but his soul as well. In politics, the opponents are capable and willing to go back to the grave to dig up the bad. What does John Verra have to hide? Will he tell us? Can he be used?

Loved this sequel to "Club Morocco". "Promises" finds "John Boy" (Verra) now an adult tangled up in the political machinations and crime in Boston. Though fictional, it is a Boston that echos its past and comes alive with characters such as "Chubby Presto." A great read and I look forward to what Mr. Michele creates next for this colorful cast of characters.

Buddy Nelson

Old-school Boston neighborhoods, meet crime families, meet politics, meets secrets and Promises.

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Passion and Power

John Verra is a young man moving to a much bigger stage. He arrives with a love and belief in the founding principles of our country. He is not in Washington, DC, but living in another shinning city on a hill, or so he believes, Boston, Massachusetts, a town where he attended college and falls in love.

As a member of the city council, a seat in Boston's governing body, attained because of the sacrifice of a new friend, he eventually realizes he is politically naive and inexperienced and to some of like mind, to be worthy of their attention. To others to be used.

Who should he trust? Too many in and out of government have their own personal agendas. So does he. His beliefs about government are based upon essentially three human qualities--a passion for power and where it can take one, personal freedom, not given by the laws of government but by God; and the recognition that none of us are angels.

Why does he visit the country of his grandparents, Sicily? What is he looking for, and where will it take him with his beliefs strengthened or compromise to get along as do many?

William Shakespeare

Excerpt from Club Morocco

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