About the Author

Meet John Michele

We all have different reasons to write. I've enjoyed a long engaging life and have more to see and do. My beautiful wife has passed, my four children and their families live over the globe and life's past adventures and old family stories and memories fund my need to tell. Writing, for me, naturally provides a portal into my life and those of my ancestors to form an outpouring for my written words. Writing captures the rhythm necessary to open my heart, my feelings, and beliefs to form a relationship between writer and reader.

All who write pour our souls and experiences into our stories. For me, it is a direct line to my ancestors from Sicily and Eastern Europe who came to America in the early years of the twentieth century and to my immediate family, countless relatives, and friends with memories, of laughter, love, and tears, also from my immigrant neighborhood and beyond. Just imagine, I knew four grandparents and two great-grandparents. I use, not their names, but their personalities, their good, and not-so-good tendencies, to develop characters. Now, I realize just how fortunate and blessed I am to have had all of them in my life. Hopefully, readers have enjoyed the same gifts. I've vaulted into writing, releasing my inner self and beliefs for all to see. I realize the risk of freely and openly doing so for content can be received with applause or be torn apart. Nothing ventured nothing gained. 

As an American grandson of immigrants that is what is expected of me.